Meet the New Board + Course Selection Frutta Bowl Study Break (2/9/2020)

Welcome back to campus, SWE fam!

Our very first event of spring semester will be a Frutta Bowls study break, held on Sunday 2/9, from 2:30 – 3:30 PM in Frist 302. We have a lot of new ideas for this year, and we hope you all will get involved!

We encourage you to stay the entire study break, and we’ll have an activity for everyone to meet each other and to help with course selection. Hope to see you there!

Our new board members are:

Co-Presidents: Liz Petrov & Janet Wang
Treasurer: Lydia You
Membership Chairs: Soumya Gottipati & Maya Rozenshteyn
HSED Chairs: Hayden Burt & Sophie Gerchikov
GSD Chairs: Emily Colborne & Anahi Ambrosio
Publicity Chair: Iroha Shirai
Industry Outreach Chair: Marilyn Isabella Kessinger
Alumni Outreach Chair: Caroline Hana
Webmaster: Grace Gong

We are all so excited for the semester ahead, and we hope you are as well!